Masjid Leadership

Alhamdullilah, the 10 current council members of Masjid Al-Noor are:

Sr. Enas Gharba, Br. Fouad Hasnain Gillani, Br. Raafey Hafeez, Br. Masaud Hassan, Sr. Tahseen Hussaini, Sr. Zuhra Kaloti, Br. Waqar Malik (Ameer), Br. Rayyan Najeeb, Br. Ahmad Naseef and Br.Farrukh Pasha.

Our Imam at ISM Brookfield/Masjid Al-Noor is Shaykh Noman Hussain

We have 7 committees. Their names with Chairs & Co-Chairs are:

1. Religious/Programming Committee: Chair- Br. Ahmad Naseef, Advisor- Shaykh Noman.

2. Finance/Fundraiser Committee: Br. Masaud Hassan.

3. Facility Committee: Chair- Sr. Tahseen Hussaini.

4. Dawa/Outreach CommitteeChair- Sr. Zohra Kaloti, Co-Chair- Br. Mushir Hassan.

5. Communications/Technology Committee: Br. Waqar Malik.

6. Safety & Security Committee: Chair- Br. Fouad Husnain

7. Youth Committee: Chair- Br. Raafey Hafeez